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As A Chinese, I Feel Proud Of Zhou Jieyang

May 3, 2012

Now Jimmy Choo has been hot all over the world. As Christian Louboutin, it’s known by women on the planet. But not every one knows that Jimmy Choo was a brand designed by a Chinese designer Zhou Jieyang. Women world wide wear Jimmy Choo shoes. As a Chinese, I do feel found of him. He’s from Honkong. He’s a man loving artists. He’s crazy for designs. So the masterpiece of shoes appeared. These shoes were frequently showed by superstars at red carpet. Zhou Jieyang has made a big contribution to the fashion world. He’s the pride of our Chinese.

In China, there are so many cheap shoes from hot designers because China is a land full of cheap materials. In fact, most cheap shoes are replica shoes. Jimmy Choo replica shoes are the most popular ones in China. Chinese most love their own brand. Though Jimmy Choo is a brand for the world, it should belong to our Chinese firstly. We love this brand and we belive that it can be a top brand in the future.

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