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Who Stole Our Happiness?(2)

February 7, 2012

To be continued
8 Always be in unsatisfy
When you’re upset because you have not enough shoes, have you noticed those disable without legs?
Robert was a teacher in a private school. One day she was walking on the street full of dissatisfaction and confusion because he had already lost his job and was looking for a new job. She lost his confidence and courage. At that moment, a man without legs slide forward across the street on his side and smiled him and said, ”good morning sir, it’s a fine day, isn’t it?” a kind of satisfaction came to him. He thought, that man was without legs and could be that happy, why he couldn’t? So, Robert became happy and walked forward.
9 So many pressures in life
Pressures may come from politics, work, family, relationship, financial condition, interpersonal relations, mentality and body
10 Standards are too high
You may measure others with your own standards. “I can do that, and why can’t you?”
Or you may judge yourself by others’ standards. “He can do that, and why could I ? ”
11 Don’t have a good attitude towards successes and failures
If a man always worries about personal gains and losses he’s naturally unhappy. We have to know that fame, fortune, success and failure are eye mists, sometimes gather and sometimes scatter.
12 Live a leisure life or live a busy life
Life a leisure life, your value of life can hardly be achieved.
Live a busy life, though you may achieve your value of life. But there is little time for you to enjoy your life. Both of the two lifestyles won’t make you happy
13 Couldn’t deal well with the relations with others or problems in a relationship
We are easy to get trapped by affection. If a man couldn’t deal with the relations with his relatives, friends and colleagues, he of course couldn’t be happy.
14 Always pursue useless happiness
Excessively regarding proud, playing, parties and idling as joy are harmful happiness. Such can not last and will lead to more unhappiness. Then we should pursue worthy and improving pleasure.
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