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Who Stole Our Happiness?(1)

February 6, 2012

1 Lacking of faith
Most people are not clear of what they want in their lifetime. Some live a rich life and splash their money. When they’re old, they feel they have lived in a vain. Some live a poor life and they even couldn’t fill them up. But he enjoys his life and works hard. Why? Because they have faith and physical suffering is nothing.
2 Comparing ourselves with others
In western, there is a saying goes, a man’s happy or not is not depend on what he has achieved, but eyes from his neighbors. When what a man pursues is to be happier than others instead of being happy, happy is away form him.
3 Unnotice of happiness around us
While a light is always on, we never notice it until it’s flickering or it’s sometimes on and sometimes off. Similarly, sometimes we are envied by others and we never realize that until one day we lost it.
4, Never do almsgiving
Only to do a favor for others and not ask for anything for return, can one be happy. To do almsgiving is not the riches patent. Donating money to disaster zone is almsgiving, so is to give strangers a smile.
5 Anxieties are everywhere.
Anxieties of safety, of wealth, of health, of children’s education, especially of belonging, are always around others. However, only abandon feeling of those anxieties, can us be happy.
6, Don’t dare to be ourselves
A man can be a god son, a good husband, a good father, a good friend and a good partner. But if she can’t be himself, he can never be happy.
7 Don’t be touched by beauty
We may not be able to create beauty. But have we tried to appreciate beauties for m nature and others? If we turn a blind to those beauties, how can we find happiness in life? If you’re an observant, you’ll see beauty everywhere in life. Even a pair of fabulous shoes like Gianmarco Lorenzi has its own beauty.


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